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Wednesday, 2016-04-06

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  • Faust, J.W.v.Goethe, roles:
    culture secretary, duchess of Monbijou, student, witch & Marthe Schwerdtlein

    2017 Monbijou - Theatre Berlin
    director: Maurici Farre´
  • 1994 at RENAISSANCE-theatre Berlin
    • A Touch of a Poet by E.O'Neill
      • role: Sarah
      • directed by G.Klingenberg
  • 1993 at RENAISSANCE-theatre Berlin
    • House Eden by B.Friel
      • role: Tessa
      • directed by Gerhard Klingenberg
  • 1991/92 at RENAISSANCE-theatre Berlin
    • Saint Joan by G.B.Shaw
      • role: Joan
      • directed by Gerhard Klingenberg
  • 1990 at Comedy Winterhuder F├Ąhrhaus Hamburg
    • Sunday Again by Bob Larbey
      • role: Wilson
      • directed by Barbara Basel
  • 1989/90 at the BERLINER ENSEMBLE  Berlin
    • Carmen Kittel,  by G.Seidel
      • role: Carmen Kittel
      • directed by Jochen Ziller
  • 1990 at The Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin
    • "Barbarians", by Maxim Gorky
      • role: Styopa
      • Directed by: Albert Hetterle
  • Screenplay & Performance (Drehbuch & Inszenierung)
    • workshop with director Agnieszka Holland (In Darkness, Europe,Europe;Washington Square) and actors
    • coproduction by FOCAL Drehbuchforum Vienna and Filmstiftung NRW GmbH
    • (Filmscriptforum) (Filmfoundation NRW)
  • 1989 at BAT Berlin, Studio performance
    • The good Person of Sezuan, by B.Brecht
      • role: Widow Shin
      • directed by P.Schroth/P.Kleinert
  • 1987-1990 at VOLKSB├ťHNE Berlin
    • Le Malade Imaginaire by Moli├Ęre
      • role: Louison
      • directed by Horst Bonnet

1985 until 1989 all at Drama School "Ernst Busch", Berlin

  • Uncle Vanja by A.Chekhov, role: Jelena
  • Richard W. Shakespeare, role: Lady Ann
  • Maria Stuart by F. Schiller, role: Maria
  • Romeo & Juliet by W.Shakespeare, role: Juliet
  • Cymbeline by W. Shakespeare, role: Imogen
  • Der The Deputy, Rolf Hochhuth; role: Monologue of a Jewish Woman
  • The Unknown Woman from the Seine, O.v. Horvath, role: The Unknown Woman
Learning from Agnieszka Holland (left) was exciting, exploring and discovering different ways of approaching a character, a script and a scene.
photo: ©courtesy of Susannah Felgener
As Sarah in
A Touch of A Poet
with Michael Degen
photo: ©J. Rocholl
As Wilson in
Sunday Again
with Harald Juhnke photo: © L & R M├Ânkedieck
St Joan at Renaissance Theatre, photo: ©courtesy J.Rocholl
Dunois (Felix Bresser) & Joan,photo: courtesy of ©J.Rocholl
Joan at Renaissance Theatre, photo: courtesy of ©J.Rocholl
As Louison in
Le Malade Imaginaire with Hans-Peter Minetti, photo: © courtesy of Volksb├╝hne Berlin
As Louison in
Le Malade Imaginaire with Hans Teuscher, photo: © courtesy Volksb├╝hne Berlin
As Eliza Dolittle
(at rehearsal, photo private)
As Carmen Kittel
at Berliner Ensemble, photo: courtesy ©Ute Eichel